Essentials of Bioinformatics

This course enables students to understand methods and approaches in current bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is, by nature, a multidisciplinary endeavor and techniques from many unrelated fields are merged to explore a greater whole. The theoretical bases of these methods are explained in detail, their limitations are examined and recent work to improve methodologies is reviewed. This course will consist of 16 lectures divided into three Modules. Each lecture is approximately 2-3 hours in duration. [MORE]

This course is fully graded (H,HP,LP,F).

The course starts on Thursday, January 24, 2013. All classes will be held from in the LC-5 Conference Room at 1300 York Avenue (unless otherwise noted - please check the schedule for any changes).


  1. Enter the college through the 1300 York Avenue entrance.
  2. Turn right and walk down corridor.
  3. Turn left to the LC elevators.
  4. Take elevators to the 5th floor.
  5. The conference room is on the right (LC-504A).

For further information please contact Dr. Lucy Skrabanek

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